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What once started as a dream out of a local Colorado coffee shop, grew into a boutique creative agency teaming up with some of the most innovative brands in the US. We are a small, passionate team brought together by Hannah May and Bri Rios in 2016; two individuals who put their (best) friendship, business smarts, and creative intelligence to good use by steering clear of corporate destruction and creating their own entrepreneurial path. Hannah and Bri created the foundation of HER around the one thing still keeping PR and marketing alive: personal, authentic relationships. In an attempt to eliminate the stereotypical definition of an agency, working with HER is more of a lifelong partnership rather than a business exchange. We keep a close-knit family mentality when it comes to each other, clients, media, and partners. Everything we do focuses on personal experience, and you will see that in the success we bring to all of our clients, big and small.

We have grown up with technology and the ever-changing media landscape, and we use that to our advantage. We understand the direction publicity and marketing is going, and are constantly studying, analyzing and absorbing the latest media trends. Given the information and goals received from our clients, we take our media and marketing smarts to generate what we like to call media magic. From event marketing to crafting publicity stunts, just tell us what you want and we will make it happen. 

HER Creative Media is first and foremost a public relations studio, but more importantly, acts as a female powerhouse for motivated entrepreneurs and creatives alike. We are a support system. We are mentors. We are here to exemplify the true meaning behind collaboration over competition. Our vision for the future of publicity and marketing, female entrepreneurship, and small business success will only prosper if we continue to build each other up through support and empowerment. We welcome all you fellow entrepreneurs, weirdos, whiskey-drinkers alike to join us in recreating the future of media. 

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