Underground Music Showcase had a loyal fanbase for over 18 years consisting of the audience of 45 years and older. While working to shift their brand to also attract younger consumers and the millennial music scene in Denver to drive ticket sales and expand artist reach, UMS needed to create a refreshed brand message that would satisfy a very diverse audience. 


HER identified key aspects of UMS’ existing brand that would be most likely to impact ticket purchases and customer loyalty through market research of the Denver music scene in comparison to other upcoming, national music festivals. The research was broken down by age group, where HER Creative Media then crafted unique messaging points paired with the right corresponding artists and pitched to the appropriate media outlets that would attract the ideal consumer for UMS. 


HER developed a variety of brand messages that were used as key points in all media content distributed and in organic media pickup. We secured UMS crucial media coverage in all local Denver media outlets using brand messaging points that maximized ticket sales, while also positioning UMS as an up-and-coming music festival to media outlets.

The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is the largest indie music festival in the Rocky Mountain region. Since 2000, this four-day yearly celebration of music has always been at the forefront of Colorado’s burgeoning local music and art community. 




The total number of times the top media hits were read by consumers
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