Outdoor Retailer hosts more than 50,000 attendees eager to network with top outdoor brands and attending media outlets. For every reporter who attends Outdoor Retailer, there are 200 companies. So, how do you stand out? 


Loge Camps, a real estate startup catering properties to the outdoor community, attended Outdoor Retailer as one of the only real estate companies present. In a sea of thousands of products, Loge was able to provide something to the Outdoor Retailer community that all products weren't able to: an experience. 


It was HER job to secure Loge Camps with an array of in-person interviews with the media attending Outdoor Retailer, selling their brand story and mission over their product.

In just 7 days, HER secured and coordinated numerous in-person media interviews with Loge Camps co-founders and top-tier media outlets that spanned over the 48 hour period.

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